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Packages Offered:

Basic Tint: Lifetime Warranty, 2 Pieces of Glass, Front Windows. (150.00)

Deluxe Tint: Lifetime Warranty, 5 Pieces of Glass, SUV/Sedan. (250.00)

Super Tint: Lifetime Warranty, 7-9 Pieces of full size SUV Glass. (275.00)

Windshield: Fully Tinted (150.00)

Windshield Strip: Partial Windshield Tint (50.00)

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Why Should I Tint?

Window tinting privatizes, insulates, and protects any glass or other smooth surface. Deter prying eyes, protect from UV rays, and prevent break-ins .

Protecting Your Business & Home with Tinting.

Protects Your Furniture and Other Valuables:

The damaging effects of the sun can harm your furniture, carpets, artwork, and many other materials and surfaces. With direct or even partial sunlight, these fabrics and valuables can fade quickly. Window films can disallow up to 99% of harmful UV rays and solar heat. Although curtains are effective at blocking out sunlight, fully enjoying the natural light is almost impossible. Since window films protect your furniture and other valuables, your valuables will last longer and save you money.

Lowers the Cost of Your Energy Bill:

Window tint films are a great way to save money. The film reduces heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, saving you money on electricity and fuel. By minimizing heat gain in the summer months, it lowers your use of air conditioning. Additionally, it lowers the loss of your air conditioning. So although window tint installation comes with a fee, your energy savings will compensate you in the end.

Reduces Glare:

Sunlight nearly eliminates the need for using lights during the day, but too much light can be a nuisance. Direct sunlight often creates a glare, making it difficult to work on your computer or watch television. Window tinting helps to significantly reduce this glare, allowing you to work and relax in peace.


Many types of glass, especially home windows, are easily breakable. Strong winds, hail, or perhaps even a criminal, can shatter your window in seconds. Window films are available in varying thicknesses and special security versions. These films help hold the window glass together if shattered. With stronger, more durable windows, this can help prevent robbery, injury, and property damage.


Window tinting prevents outsiders from looking in. They help make your home or business as private as possible without forgoing any natural sunlight.



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